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Fire Training for Car Dealerships

The number of new cars registered in the UK is growing relentlessly and in March 2015 it stood at 492,000 for that month alone. Franchised dealers such as Lookers, Pendragon and Inchcape account for the largest part of the market and between them, they account for over 200,000 employees. The independent sector employs many thousands more.

With dealerships containing stock often worth millions, excellent fire safety makes good commercial sense and the need to protect staff and customers is paramount. Recent large fires at dealerships in Ellesmere Port, Durham, Portsmouth and Birmingham demonstrate just how much of a risk fire represents to this sector.



By their nature, car dealerships will have a varied supply of materials, fluids and gasses that can all be highly combustibles. If a fire takes hold in such a premises, it is likely to get out of control rapidly, destroy the vehicles it contains and put lives at risk. Combustible items must be managed and stored correctly and delegates on UK Fire Training courses all have tuition on this topic.


Many fires involving car dealerships are started deliberately. Disgruntled staff or even customers may be involved but often poor security and external storage can be a magnet for youths and others with no respect for property or the safety of others. UK Fire Training courses take this important issue into account and help delegates to manage this risk.


Car dealerships often have a high electrical power loading. Equipment for the servicing and maintenance of cars in the workshop, office equipment and heating systems and the use of high powered lighting can create plentiful heat sources. The use of extension leads in office areas and portable heaters must also be recognised. All such matters are discussed in UK Fire Training courses


Devastating aftermath of £100k inferno that gutted car dealership is revealed in shocking pictures

Fourteen cars were burnt out, with the dealership’s owner, John Jeffers, estimating the total cost of the damage at around £50,000 to £100,000

Mr Jeffers said: “We’ve only been here eight months - we’ve built it up from a derelict site and business is booming, we’ve become the biggest on Wirral.


“The arson investigators have been out and said there’s no sign of any suspicious circumstances.

"It appears to be an electrical fault that started in the valeting bay. The steel shell has melted- one of the investigators said he’d never seen anything like the heat that came off it.”

The fire ripped through the site, destroying two cars in the garage area as well as several surrounding the building and the office area, with computers and televisions inside also burnt out.

Mr Jeffers added: “We’ve lost 14 cars out of 220 on the yard.

Mystery fire at specialist car dealership destroys fleet of classic Land Rovers worth £100,000

A mystery blaze at a specialist car dealership has destroyed a £100,000 fleet of unique and valuable classic Land Rovers.

Fire crews were called out to the Land Rover Centre in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, a leading supplier of restored Land Rovers.

After breaking through the entrance gates the two crews found the fire in the covered parking area containing the vehicles.


Picture shows the damage caused by a fire at the Landrover centre in Huddersfield. The blaze has caused a estimated 80 thousand pounds worth of damage according to Sales Manager Mark Griffiths, 52. A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said yesterday (Tues) they are investigating the blaze at the Land Rover Centre as a potential arson attack.

Four of the six vehicles on site, dating from 1968 and 1979, were worth around £20,000 each

The structure’s fibre-glass roof melted and dripped onto the iconic cars underneath, igniting them and destroying the interiors.In some instances the heat was so intense it melted some sections of the cars’ aluminium bodywork.

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