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Aldershot House Fire Caused by Cat

A family was lucky to escape after a deadly fire tore through their home in Aldershot on Tuesday night. The fire was thought to have been started when a cat knocked over a candle in a bedroom of the Aldershot home.Three fire crews went to a property at about 8pm where they discovered the ground floor fully alight - and the house’s three smoke detectors without batteries.

Twelve firefighters from the area took around 60 minutes to bring the fire under control. Crew manager Mike Still said the family had lost absolutely everything, “Except the clothes on their backs”. The bedroom and kitchen in the house were completely destroyed, with smoke damage throughout the house. The Fire Service said the family was lucky to get out alive.

The family dog and four cats were saved but a number of hamsters suffered a less fortunate fate as a result of the fire. Always install batteries in smoke detectors and check the detectors work on a weekly basis. Never leave candles unattended.

Performing routine checks can prevent fires from breaking out, and ensure the safety of everyone in the vicinity should one ignite.

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