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Face-to-Face Fire Training Courses

Why Choose Face-to-Face Fire Training?

We specialise in providing an experienced Fire Service trainer to deliver approved fire training courses on your site. All courses are legally compliant and tailored to meet your specific needs. We believe that face-to-face fire training is the only way to provide your staff with the knowledge and competence to understand their responsibilities and carry out their fire safety duties.

The use of computer / internet based training and DVDs has a place in providing basic information and refresher updates but is no substitute for having interaction with and feedback from a fire safety training expert in the environment that you work in.

Face-to-Face Fire Training Advantages

Sector Specific Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training requirements differ widely across sectors such as manufacturing, residential care, retail and education. Regulations also differ and the government has produced detailed sector guides to reflect this. Face to face training takes account of YOUR sector

Building Specific Fire Training Courses

Buildings vary enormously, and a “one size fits all” approach will never be adequate. Face to face training allows the size, layout, hazards, fire precautions and use of your building to be taken into account.

People Specific Fire Training

Training must take account of “people at risk”, staff roles and staff activities if it is to be adequate. A computer-based system is unlikely to do this.

Fire Safety Document Specific Training

Fire Safety documents constantly evolve and should be taken into account in training. These include fire policy, fire risk assessment, fire logbooks, emergency plans and PEEPS. Face-to-face training facilitates this.

Learning Styles

Everyone is unique and an experienced trainer will be able to deliver learning in a mixture of ways to ensure all staff gain the knowledge and skills required.

Interactive Fire Training Exercises

Tutor lead Q & A sessions and group exercises enhance learning and make fire safety training much more interesting.

Shared Experience

Throughout the training, issues are raised and debated amongst the participants. Staff with different jobs and fire safety roles can discuss scenarios and existing procedures. The trainer will draw on his or her vast experience to answer questions and often provide solutions to problems previously unresolved.

Hands on Practical Fire Safety Courses

Delegates can only learn to safely use fire extinguishers and fire blankets by actually handling them in person. A “live fire” practical will enhance their experience and give them vital confidence needed in an emergency.

Building Tours

A tutor lead tour of part of your premises, gives a chance for delegates to understand the topics covered in context. The trainer will point out and discuss particular hazards, detection systems, alarms, call points, fire doors and compartmentation which can be overlooked or taken for granted. 

Fire Training Content Varies

Computer based training uses the same fixed information time after time. Tutor lead training evolves and reflects the unique concerns of individual learners.  

This is Your Captain Speaking

You wouldn't get on an aircraft where the pilot had been trained only on a computer or by watching a DVD so why work in a building where fire safety training is done in this way?

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Book you fire training courses now buy phoning us on 0800 216764 or completing our contact form. Fire extinguisher training, fire awareness training, fire marshal training, and fire risk assessment training are just some of the fire safety courses that we offer at UK Fire Training.

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