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Please feel free to open, copy and use any of the documents in this section. All information is designed to assist anyone responsible for any aspect of fire safety in the workplace.

If you become a client of UK Fire Training, you will immediately have FREE ACCESS to our comprehensive library of fire safety information consisting of downloadable documents, articles and links.

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As a client of UK Fire Training, you have access to a large and constantly updated library of information. Our aim is to assist anyone responsible for any aspect of fire safety in the workplace with freely downloadable documents, articles and links.

A selection of free documentation and articles can be accessed by clicking the titles or Read More below.

Free Information

Primark Warehouse Fire Destroys Stock

£50m of stock burnt in Primark Inferno Primark’s sensational success could be dented by the loss of half its winter stock in a warehouse blaze. An estimated £50m of clothes went up in flames, raising the prospect that its 120 shops...

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Chemicals and Flammable Substances

Evacuations Follow Chemical Blaze A chemical fire at a factory in Newport resulted in approximately 100 people evacuating their homes overnight. This also resulted in a 400m exclusion zone being set up and roads cordoned off around the International...

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Combat the Threat of Arson

Employers must reduce the risk of fire from all causes. Arson is the main cause of fire in the UK and there are a range of actions that can be taken to combat this threat. Responsibility issues 1. In any business the owner or manager or a named...

Free Information

The Importance of Fire Resisting Doors

Fire resisting and smoke-resisting doors are vital aspects of every premises in which individuals work or visit. They provide resistance to the fire spread. The main reason for fire doors is that it saves lives and property when there is a fire. Moreover,...

Free Information

Hazard Spotting in the Workplace

1(a) Sources of ignition Virtually every workplace contains potential sources of ignition, although if they do not involve naked flames they may not be perceived as such. Some hazards, such as ovens and soldering irons, may be obvious and present a continual...

Free Information

Fire Drill Guidance

Your emergency plan needs to be tested and you can do this by running a fire drill. Ideally, this should be carried out every 6 months, particularly if you have new staff joining. Staff require training on the emergency procedures and the fire drill...

Free Information

Fire Safety Training for New Staff

First day information and instructions concerning health and safety in the workplace, and in particular including fire safety, should be given on the first morning of work for every new member of staff (or at an appropriate time for shift workers). The...

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Duties of the Fire Marshal

The main duties of the fire marshal depend on your fire risk assessment but generally include; identify fire hazards at their workplace Note and report hazards to the appropriate person take the correct action in the event of a fire ensure...

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Regulatory Reform Order Summary

Applies all workplaces and other non-domestic premises. New - One simple fire safety regime. Existing fire legislation deleted / amended. Risk assessment - based. Protection for persons inside building and anyone affected by a fire. Prevent...

Free Information

The Regulatory Reform Order 2005

To access the 'The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005' please click here ...

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House Fire Trend Continues Downwards

The latest government figures published in June 2013 shows the encouraging downwards movement of fires and fatalities in homes across the UK. The Fire Statistics Monitor England for April 2012 – March 2013 confirmed that domestic fire deaths were...

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Christmas Fire Safety Tips

Make sure all Christmas tree lights have the British Standards logo Do not leave your cooker unattended. Most fires start in the kitchen Elderly relatives and your neighbours are at particular risk so please check them this Xmas Prepare an escape...

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Aldershot House Fire Caused by Cat

Fire thought to have been started when a cat knocked over a candle in a bedroom of the Aldershot home . A family was lucky to escape after a deadly fire tore through their home in Aldershot on Tuesday night. Three fire crews went to a property at...

Free Information

The Business Case for Fire Extinguisher Training

Changes in legislation have brought about a greater awareness of the need for the provision of effective 'first aid' firefighting measures - in particular, the use of on-site fire extinguishers. Following the introduction of the Fire and Rescue...

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Dishwasher Fire Injures Family

A family treated at hospital after a dishwasher last week. A fire which started in a dishwasher at a house in North Wales in the middle of the night left a mother and her children needing hospital treatment. North Wales Fire Brigade were called to...

Free Information

Avoiding Fridge Freezer Fires

Instances of fridge freezers causing fires in people's homes and workplaces are prolific. So much so that fridge freezers are the most common white goods item to be involved in a fire. ...

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