Hot Work Permit

Procedure for Hot Work Permits
Issuing authority
The person nominated to authorise hot work, normally the company fire or safety officer, must have experience or training in the problems associated with hot work and be of suitable status to ensure compliance with the procedures.

Before work starts a hot work permit should be obtained from the authorised person. A suggested format for a permit is included in this document. This should be used on every occasion that hot work of any type is undertaken within or upon the fabric of established buildings or any structures or plant in the open. This procedure should also apply to construction sites once fitting out has commenced, and to all buildings which are being refurbished.

Limitations to issue of permit
A hot work permit should not be issued without considering the significance of any other permits to work in the vicinity, or adjacent manufacturing processes which may involve the use of flammable liquids or gases.

A hot work permit should be issued for a specific task that is to be undertaken in a clearly identified area. Hot work permits should not be issued for protracted periods. Separate hot work permits should be issued for work which extends from morning to afternoon periods.

Before completing the first part of the hot work permit, the person responsible for issuing the permit for the work should complete the checklist, in conjunction with the person responsible for carrying out the work, to indicate that fire protection measures are adequate, suitable precautions have been taken and the equipment to be used is safe.

Additional conditions

If the person authorised to issue the hot work permit is not satisfied with the arrangements, further measures may be requested, and any additional conditions should be entered in the space provided. The earliest time at which a final fire-check should be made will also be specified. This will normally be at least one hour after the time of expiry of the hot work permit, when work must be complete. If trained personnel will not be available to make this check (for example in the case of a permit issued late in the day) work must not be commenced.

Retention of the permit
It is important to create two copies of the permit. One copy should be kept by the person who issued it and the other held by the person doing the work or responsible for it. The issuer should inspect the work to ensure tit has been carried out in accordance to the work. Intermediate checks are recommended and a final check when work is finished to sign it off.

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